Anne Kansiime arrested sneaking drugs at UK airport?

Funny girl turns peddler

Ann Kansiime
Ugandan's Anne Kansiime. PHOTO: CHANO8

News has been buzzing lately with drug stories all over the region. First it was the drama about the Akasha brothers who got bundled into a private jet in Mombasa before getting forcefully extradited to the US by the DEA.

Then followed news that a couple of Tanzanian celebrities had been nabbed on suspicion of drug trafficking. Mega superstar Diamond Platnumz’s name got floated around too. So was his brother’s, ex Wema Sepetu, singer TID and others.

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Focus has now shifted to our Migingo neighbours Uganda after word went round on the internet that comedienne Anne Kansiime had been arrested at Heathrow airport trying to sneak in 2 kilograms of cocaine.

Anne Kansiime
Anne Kansiime. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

It however turns out that a fake news site by the name Metro UK, cooked up the story that Kansiime was searched by the customs and border police on suspicion and inside her luggage was discovered a small bag containing white powder.

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That authorities conducted a second search and that’s when they discovered a similar bag which was tested and turned positive for cocaine. The estimated value of the nabbed with, according to the blog, was 80,000 pounds.

Anne Kansiime issued a statement upon receipt of the information. She said:

“Tonight, our @funfactory show was amazing! Thanks for showing up in big numbers my Ninjas. It was Valentines all over again on stage.
And about the online story going around that this your Ninja girl is currently detained in some prison cell in London for being in possession of 2kgs of cocain at Heathrow airport….. Heheheheheheh this world is not my home indeed!?
Thank you my Ninjas for being the first to doubt such stories and let’s spread more love to eachother my Ninjas.
Trust me, they are #sharedblessings.#kansiimedaries.”

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