Bien Baraza (Sauti Sol) morning chocolate shocker

So much for a Valentine's gift

Bien Baraza_Sauti Sol
Saiti Sol's Bien Aime Baraza. PHOTO: TWITTER

Thanks to his distinct voice and unquestionable talent, Bien Aime Baraza is the more recognisable of the four Sauti Sol (s), he also has the height to thank for that too.

The artiste recently took to the social media to blast a PR guy at a certain company that tried to take advantage of his huge social media presence.

In today’s technology social media-driven world, companies are approaching renown public figures so as to gain mileage by them leaving brand footprints on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which boast seas of followers.

Sauti Sol

Bien says he doesn’t mind posting a ‘Thank You’ on his timelines but is also quick to add that he minds (a lot) if the product doesn’t warrant that kind of  attention.

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According to the star, he was recently gifted a Sh150 chocolate bar, not just that, but he was  also asked to post about it on his social media. Say what?

He said:

“On the morning of Valentines I was snuggled up in bed with the love of my life when my phone rang. A gentleman from a top Kenyan media agency had called to inform me that he had a package for me and Chiki; and asked for my address so he could send a rider over to drop it. I was of course delighted to hand it over. He later called after like 45 minutes because the rider was lost, after which I gave a better explanation of my address. In no time my package was here,

Bien Baraza_girlfriend chiki
Bien and girlfriend Chiki. PHOTO: KISS100

Shortly after he called again to confirm receipt. I did and as courtesy calls thanked him for the chocolate. But I could hear in his voice that he expected more. After our very brief conversation he sent me a text message with marketing #hashtags and said he would be grateful if I tweeted a thank-you tweet for the chocolate,

What is the moral of the story? Art should be paid for. Artists put in years building brands that people associate with. You can’t call an accountant and give him chocolate in exchange for accounting services. Put money on the table. I’m disappointed especially with the fact that an agency doesn’t know this because their business is heavily dependent on art and content. Forgive me for overestimating their abilities to think better for my industry.

PS, Chiki ate the chocolate. I was too pissed to even bring it close to my mouth.
Bien-Aime Baraza.”

So the next time you think of sending a product to Bien, or any other celeb worth his or her salt for that million-shilling tweet, the offer better be worth it!

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