Juliani bae Brenda Wairimu falsely reported dead

Think they meant drop dead gorgeous

brenda wairimu
Actress Brenda Wairimu. PHOTO: NAIROBIWIRE

You, I guess just as we, have gotten tired of this celebrity death hoaxes.. Ai, tumechoka tu sana I tell you.

Yet another celebrity has falsely been reported to have passed on. This one I must admit is just too funny, so much that I won’t even get mad.

Gorgeous actress Brenda Wairimu had to act fast to clear the air about some morbid news concerning her recent untimely death, God forbid. That’s after a blog broke the news that the “Mali” star was no more with the headline “Gone too soon”.

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brenda wairimu_NAIROBIWIRE
Brenda poses for the camera. PHOTO: NAIROBIWIRE

Nothing funny there until you gt to the details of her supposed demise. The story went that Brenda was in the States where she had flown to negotiate as possible endorsement deal, but sadly fell ill and died.

The site even quoted Lisa Marie (tihihi) who said Brenda was fine but suddenly started complaining of chest pains. It is then that she gave up her beautiful ghost in the wee hours of Friday morning.

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But you’re dead wrong [pun intended] if you think the “juicy” story ends there. The post also claimed that Brenda’s body was taken for an autopsy and it is yet to be brought back home for burial.

The actress, you must be knowing already, has a child with rapper Juliani, and treated the hogwash post the way it should, with laughter.

Brenda Wairimu_dead
Brenda fake death news.

Her fans on the other hand weren’t in the mood for jokes.

They said (includes a few other stars):

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imaasai: Maybe they meant drop dead gorgeous…
vanessamdee: Washindwe katika Jina la Yesu
rose_njui: Shameless lot!
garvey_matu: Smhh!! I almost dropped my phone
aleynarisa: @brendawairimu_ i have never commented on yur page, as a busy mom always ???? and scrolling down…had to open en check comments with my hands like????…. washindwe sana….. write something on comments
dee_marina_: Holy Christ!!! I almost suffered a heart attack!!! Tf is wrong with this writer?? May God grant you a long life Brenda????
antoneosoul: F*ck I was shaking. Shit