Twins for new mum Saumu Mbuvi? [PHOTOS]

Baby shower things

Saumu Mbuvi
Mike Sonko's daughter Saumu Mbuvi. PHOTO: KSNMEDIA

Soon, very very soon, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko will be a grand daddy because her first born daughter Saumu Mbuvi’s water will break, bringing forth new life to the world.

So, as you already know, small isn’t a word in the Mbuvi’s vocabulary, and Saumu’s baby shower as expected, was just lavish.

It even had a dress code. Invited guests wore red with crimson red gowns being the favourite among the beauties who graced the occasion. They also each had beautiful custom made flower headbands.

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Saumu Mbuvi_Baby shower cakeIt was a surprise for Saumu as her pals organised the shower with the help of her mum, sisters and a best friend.

Saumu whose 2016 graduation bash at Mua Hills still has people talking, was dressed in a long flowing white gown with golden decoration from the belly area upwards. She was welcomed with a pink sash with the words, “Mum to be!”

Saumu Mbuvi_Baby shower cake
Mum to be.

The event which started in the late afternoon extended to late night as the girls danced the night away.

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“Saumu is a good girl, she is my first born daughter and my favourite daughter,” a proud Saumu’s mum declared.

Saumu’s sister Salma also had kind words for her sister saying what she loves about her sister is that she is a strong woman, that she is very lovely and very kind.

Saumu Mbuvi_Baby shower cake
The gang.

But what has people scratching their heads is the choice of cake. As is tradition with baby showers, curious souls look at colour theme to know the gender of the oncoming baby.

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Saumu’s cake had two colours, pink and blue. Experts in that area claim that it could point to the fact that she is expecting a boy or a girl which the couple is yet to determine.

Saumu Mbuvi_Baby shower cake
The cake.

Or… it is just a creative way of announcing to the world that she is expecting twins.