Diamond Platnumz, wife Zari reveal son’s face [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

Prince Nillan made some cash

Diamond Platnumz_Zari Hassan_Nillan
Diamond Platnumz, wife Zari with newborn son Prince Nillan. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

To most of us, giving birth to a baby is just nature expressing itself, but for some, like Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her mega singing star hubby, Diamond Platinumz, it comes with some financial benefits.

Well, we can’t blame them, can we? That’s why the power couple hid the face of their second born, Prince Nillan, until recently. That said, the reveal was done in partnership with some company.

Talk about brand endorsement..

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Zari partnered with a retail company to reveal to the world 40-day-old Nillan’s face in what saw Mr Platnumz and the whole clan do a photo shoot donning the firm’s clothes including shoes and other wearables.

Zari_Diamond Platnumz_Prince Nillan
Diamond’s family and the new addition.

You must know by now that Zari is an attention seeker (she is a socialite, hellooo) and now that the face of her son is no more a secret, she decided to record an unnecessary video and post it on social media. Moral of the story…Baby Nillan couldn’t fall asleep and it was middle of the night.

Me and my lil man @princenillan doing nyt shiftz?

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But I give it to Zari, her hands on-ness. With more maids in the house than members of our families, many would have just tossed him to one of them and enjoy the sleep. Isn’t that why they’re paid top dollars?

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Perhaps our very own socialites should learn a thing or two from the Boss Lady herself. Many are still single and think changing boyfriends like they do shoes is a plus. You can still get babies, pop out babies and still look cool doing it! Zari has proved that already.

Zari_Prince Nillan
Zari and Prince Nillan. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

P/S: At only one month old, Prince Nillan’s Instagram boasts 150k followers. What are you doing with you life?

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