VIDEO: ‘I Do’ Willy Paul & Alaine

Wedding manenos


It all started as a rumour when one of the biggest names in country’s gospel industry, Willy Paul, posted a photo of his wedding.

The bride was Jamaican reggae queen, Alaine, whom I think should now relocate to Kenya for obvious reason.

Willy Paul_Alaine
Willy Pozze and Alaine.

I mean, the chick is obviously in love with the country, don’t you agree?

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Of course the wedding thing backfired. Been there, done that.. We were first fooled by their secular colleague Jaguar who once wedded a South African model. That one worked out well because it was so original. The song was ‘One Centimeter’, memba it?

Then there’s Willy Paul’s gospel nemesis Bahati who pulled the exact same stunt last year. Well, that one got us 50-50 but we became smarter.

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This time around, Kenyans were not going to fall for such shenanigans. We all knew Willy Poze was going to release a song soon, with the Jamaican beauty being the main lady, didn’t we?

Well, if you were still doubting, I have news for you. The song is out and the video which was shot at The Hub in Karen is too. It’s entitled ‘I Do’, and as was widely anticipated, it indeed is a wedding song.

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I want to say bad things about Willy Paul aping everything Baha does but I won’t.

Watch the video above.