Must see raunchy photos of Kanyari’s sexy sister

310 reasons to pose

Kanyari kid sister Wahu. PHOTO: MPASHO

We all know the controversial pastor mwitu Kanyari, he of the 310 bob fame, yes, the Range Rover-driving one.

But did you know he has a hot sister by the name Wahu, one who likes showing off her sizzling hot body? Well, if you didn’t, now you know.

Wahu is at it again. She is doing what she loves more than anything; pasting the interwebs with sexy photos.

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Wahu Kanyari sister
Kanyari’s hot sister Wahu.

Not only is she the sister of an (in)famous brother but also a daughter of the self-proclaimed prophetess Lucy Nduta of Salvation Healing Ministry, the one who inducted Kanyari into the world of gospel mwitu.

Wahu has been leaving Team Mafisi restless of late for reasons not related to spreading the word of God in false pretense, or hoodwinking desperate Christians like her elder brother Kanyari who I hear is now poorer than the mice he left in his church, but because of her lifestyle.

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Wahu Kanyari sister
More Wahu.

This chick is slowly but surely giving legit socialites a run for their money, what with all the flossing, partying hard with friends, and flaunting her petite figure. Dang! Wahu is always leaving lasses of her age asking hard questions, like why they were born.

Despite being brought up in a Christian family, will bin that because I remember her mum had issues with the law even before Kanyari appeared in the spotlight. Let me just say Kanyari’s sister is real and has nothing to lose.

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