Point of correction: Sarrah Hassan clarifies about husband

Tanya is fed up

Sarah Hassan_Tanya
Sarah Hassan aka Tanya. PHOTO: COURTESY

Actress Sarah Hassan who many Kenyans still refer to as Tanya, thanks to her memorable stint on Citizen TV‘s Tahidi High, wants to clarify a few things. Mostly about her wedding/marriage.

For starters, she has squashed through an informative post on her Instagram, the misinformation that her boyfriend is South African.

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Sarah Hassan_Dale
Actress Sarah Hassan and husband Martin Dale during their wedding. PHOTO: NAIROBINEWS

“I shall start by saying thank you for the congratulatory message but sdekenya who is Mrs.Ndela?” a seemingly bothered Hassan asked after a publication mis-spelled her husband’s name. He is called Martin Dale – if you’re wondering.

But its not only the Standard Group that seems to have no clue about his name, many Kenyans have been reporting wrong facts regarding the couple, probably because the two don’t say much, including not correcting anything about what is published on their relationship.

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Sarah Hassan_Tanya
Sarah during a past photo shoot. PHOTO: VIRALKENYANPOSTS

“So, I decided to just correct a few things that keep spiraling in the wrong direction,” the beautiful actress said. Listed, rather:

1: The name is Dale not Ndela or Ndale.

2: He is NOT South African.

3: We are NOT relocating to South Africa

4: Our wedding footage/ rights to the footage has NOT been and will NOT be sold to a private production group! #LoveAndLight.”

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Thanks for attending the class. You’re now enlightened.

Here’s her wedding video: