Governor Mutua’s wife gets criticised, fires right back [PHOTO]

Just sun, no chills in Masaku

Lilian Ng'ang'a
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and wife Lilian. PHOTO: COURTESY

It’s hard being a public figure, especially in this era of social media where both fans and haters alike follow and watch your every step.

That has been the case with Machakos county First Lady, Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife Lilian Ng’ang’a who is clearly not having an easy time on social media. Her relationship with the county boss has been a topic of never ending conversations online and offline since the two went public with their relationship.

lilian ng'ang'a
Governor Mutua’s wife Lilian Ng’ang’a. PHOTO: WAZA

If you’ve been following our previous article on the lovely Lilian Ng’ang’a, then you’ll know she loves attention. And attention she gets. But with fame comes a hoard of detractors who are never short of something nasty to say.

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Case in point is when she recently took to her Instagram to celebrate a Friday evening. One fan however could not let her thrive in her happiness, she quickly went on to give Mrs Mutua a crash course on makeup – ‘How to Apply Makeup 101’. She pointed out that her makeup was poorly done.

Lilian Nganga

While most of her followers showered their favourite politician wife, this specific one was quick to tell her that her eyebrows were, well, a bit on the tacky side.

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But the former model was not just going to sit pretty and just take it lying down. Madam First Lady responded and no chills were given.

“I really can’t see in this post where opinions are asked…@shixes…so please keep them to yourself,” Ng’ang’a fired.

Her loyalists sided wit her, they attacked Shixes for being jealous of madam Lilian.

“Shixes, fall all the way back with your chill pill and get off my IG. This is my personal IG- You follow it out of your own free will, so do unfollow the same way. Enjoy your weekend,” Mrs county added.

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But the Shixes pressed on, she was clearly on a mission that one. She told everyone to chill out and give her a break because there was nothing in Lilian to be jealous about.

But a question arises, will Mrs. Mutua be taking on every person who hates on her, especially on social media? But may be it’s the stresses that comes with elections. It’s election period, isn’t it?