Anti-US Putin to build nuclear plant in Kenya

Just maybe

Rosatom International network sub Saharan Africa regional vice president Viktor Polikarpov during nuclear energy briefing in Nairobi on March13,2017. PHOTO: ENOS TECHE/THE STAR

Russia has made a proposal to Kenya to design, finance and build Kenya’s proposed nuclear power plant.

A team from Putinland will set up base in Nairobi for the regional nuclear energy conference which kicks off Tuesday, March 14.

Nuclear Plant
A nuclear Power Plant. PHOTO: BECHTEL

Russia wants to strike a deal through its state-owned Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation. Kenya has an ambitious plan to set up four nuclear plants, with the first one expected to be fully functional in 2027.

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In May last year, Rosatom signed an MoU with Kenya to promote nuclear solutions, assist in training personnel, create public awareness, and design agriculture and medical solutions, the Star reports.

The firm’s regional Vice President for Sub-Saharan Africa Viktor Polikarpov said on Monday, the Moscow-based Rosatom through the government, is willing to support Kenya put up its plants on a Build–Operate–Transfer module or Private-Public-Partnership consortium.

Rosatam said it will borrow a loan through an intergovernmental agreement, which will be packaged to be repaid in 25 years. The firm is the only reactor vendor in the world that can offer the nuclear industry’s entire range of products and services.

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“We are currently providing the VVER-1200 (Water-Water Energetic Reactor) generation III reactor which is the safest in the world. We can offer the preferred solution to your government if given a chance,” Polikarpov told journalists.

Costwise, nuclear is an expensive affair and mostly a preserve of developed countries. It is estimated that a new nuclear power plant would cost between $4 billion (Sh410.4 billion) per unit to $9 billion (Sh923.4 billion).

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Kenya has an strategic plan of generate 1,000 megawatts of power from nuclear energy by 2025 so as to sustain its expanding socio-economic development. A plant with three or four reactors is capable of producing 3,000MW.