NASA to do this during Uhuru Kenyatta State of Nation Address

Mixed bag of tricks

uhuru kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO: DAILYMONITOR

On Wednesday, March 15, President Uhuru Kenyatta will hold his yearly state of the nation address from Parliament.

The Head of State, as with the tradition, is expected to use the platform to enumerate that impact his government has had on Kenyans since taking power four years ago, and this being an election year, it’s not business as usual.

Opiyo Wandayi
Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi is forcefully ejected out of the chambers after he was found to be out of order during President’s address to the nation. PHOTO: KENYALIVE

In comes Aden Duale, the Leader of Majority in the National Assembly, who said the President will highlight his development record and state his commitment towards a peaceful forthcoming election scheduled for August 8.

“The President will enumerate the achievement of his government, this being an election year. He will use the occasion to highlight the key successes of his administration in fulfilment of Article 10 of the constitution,” the Garissa Township MP said as published in The Standard.

The Opposition on the other hand, unlike in 2016 when they united to bring chaos in the House, disrupting the President’s address, is divided on whether to do the same thing this year or not.

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Now going by the collective name NASA (the National Super Alliance) the legislators made headlines last year thanks to the mayhem they caused when Uhuru tried to address Parliament.

They infamously interrupted the event by blowing whistles and screaming in Parliament, some even turned the place into a water sport facility, prompting Uhuru to cut his speech more than three times.

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That was the birth of the Firimbi Movement which went on to eject the IEBC top brass from office following endless protests by the Opposition.

During last year’s event, Speaker Justin Muturi was forced to throw out several ODM MPs for causing chaos in the house. Those that have remained on people’s minds are Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo and her Unguja counterpart Opiyo Wandayi. The latter received a severe punishment and only returned to the House after a court ruled in his favour.

This time however, the MPs have given conflicting signals on their intentions but ODM party’s Director of Elections, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed, has denied that the Opposition would repeat heir last year’s shenanigans.

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Millie Odhiambo_shout
Iconic photo of Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo screaming at the cameras during last year’s Uhuru address in Parliament. PHOTO: THE STANDARD

“There will be no acrimony because we are planning to listen to the president keenly, attentively and obediently,” the controversial legislator said as quoted by the Nation.

But his sentiments were contradicted by another Opposition MP who sought anonymity, saying Nasa MPs were planning to teach the president a lesson he will never forget. The MP said they are yet to agree but are planning on several things.

Then there’s the narrative of the Opposition boycotting the address all together, leaving Jubilee MPs to be addressed by the President in Parliament.