Mishi Dora claims she romped Rayvanny after Nairobi gig [VIDEO]

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There’s socialites and then there’s socialite mwitus and the more I think, or try to classify (in my head) those who claim to be in the industry, I more than once find myself putting Mishi Dora in the latter group.

The chick has been in every headline for the better part of late last year and this year, and because of why? Let me see, oh, because she appears, and very dramatically so, on K24 hit reality series Nairobi Diaries and is a regular on Mpasho videos.

Mishi Dora_MPASHO
Socialite Mishi Dora. PHOTO: MPASHO

That’s it! everything else revolves around the aforementioned, including stealing other ladies’ fiances, or put it, she wishes she could steal other peoples’ fiances.

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Just recently Ms ratchetry shared with the world how she slept with with Tanzania’s newest music sensation Rayvanny, he of the ‘Salome’ fame.

Mishi who just like any other socialite thrives in sex stories (the wannabes at least), is never afraid of telling the world what she does behind closed doors. So she gave graphic details of how she bedded TZ superstar Rayvanny for close to two weeks. She even claims that she is pregnant for him.

I think it’s only fair that at this juncture, I let you know that Rayvnny’s legit girlfriend who goes by the name, Fahyma, is heavily pregnant with the crooner’s first child. Now Mishi claims a burn is baking inside her courtesy of him. What’s wrong with kids these days? Rayvanny that is.

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So yesterday, the evertalking Mishi gave Mpasho another visit and went on to confirm that the two had a ‘flesh to flesh’ moment with the singer, again.

In the interview, Mishi claimed that her relationship with the ‘Salome’ hitmaker is the prayer partner type. Oh Lord!

She went on to reveal more, that last week, on Thursday, after Rayvanny performance at B-Club, they headed to her house and took up from where they left off after their Tanzania encounter.

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Earlier that day, Rayvanny had been interviewed by the same outlet on what transpired between him and Mishi when she was in Tanzania and he said how he regretted sleeping with the mother of two (that last part is true story).

“Mishi lied to me that she was a promoter. She came to my house and after talking with her, I left to run an errand only to come and find her half naked. She seduced me and we had sex but I regret it. I only came to know that she was a socialite when Mpasho ran the first story,” said Rayvanny.

Watch Mishi’s interview above.