Disability head busted as fake doctor

Quackism at its best

david ole sankok
National Council of People with Disabilities Chairman David ole Sankok. PHOTO: CITIZENNEWS

After fooling the country by presenting himself as a doctor for a long time, a renown campaigner for people with living with disabilities has come out clean about his stunts.

David ole Sankok, current chair of the National Council of People with Disabilities, is not a medical doctor as he has previously claimed. He has never studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Nairobi or any other learning institution for that matter.

David ole Sankok
David Ole Sankok attends to a patient in the past. PHOTO: PHOEBE OKALL/NATION MEDIA GROUP

Sankok is not a holder of any doctorate in any academic studies which disqualifies him from using the title ‘Dr’. He never graduated from a registered medical school in Kenya or abroad and not just that, but he has never registered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDU).

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Ole Sankok was admitted to the college of Health Sciences at the University of Nairobi back in 1999 but he never completed his nursing degree due to expulsion from the institution in 2000 after he and other University of Nairobi Students Union leaders led protests against the introduction of the parallel degree programme. He then left for Norway where he graduated with a Diploma in Research studies.

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The ‘doctor’ claims he returned home in 2003, rejoined the University of Nairobi and completed his nursing degree in 2005. Scrutiny of the Nurses Council retention register however, does not show he was ever registered.

David Ole Sankok_business card
David Sankok’s business card which refers to him as UoN school of medicine graduate. PHOTO: THE STAR

This revelation comes a year after the Kenya Medical Practitioners, KPMDU bashed Ole Sankok for misrepresenting himself as a doctor and misleading members of the disabled community. the union accused Ole Sankok of “quackism”. Union Secretary  General Ouma Oluga asked UoN and the board to correct the situation.

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On Wednesday, Ole Sankok admitted that indeed, he had been running a clinic and attending to patients for about three years before hanging his boots from the medical profession for a “more administrative role” as the Chair of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities.

He defended himself saying he was part of a team of other doctors, a group practice serving different specialities but his role still remains unclear.

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