Inside Size 8 and DJ Mo pricey mansion [VIDEO]

Oh, and Ladasha

Size 8_DJ Mo
Size 8, DJ Mo and Baby Ladasha. PHOTO: COURTESY

They are undoubtedly the biggest couple in Kenya’s showbiz industry (perhaps whose only competition comes from Nameless and Wahu).

Anyhow, because of that, fans expect them to literally live like king and queen – in a castle. I won’t be the judge here if indeed they’ve set the bar high on matters dwelling, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Size 8_DJ Mo_House
Inside Size 8 and DJ Mo’s Home.

So the singer whose real name is Linet Munyali, recently decided to give her fans a virtual tour of their home which I’ve come to learn is located along Kiambu Road.

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Size 8 and their husband have become a clever lot, I say that because they recently opened their private lives to the public through vlogs. And that my friends is taking celeb-ness to another level. Why else do you think you’re secretly attached to your favourite socialite? Or reality TV shows are such huge hits?

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The Muraya’s (From Sammy Muraya) posted on their YouTube channel a video, the second since they started vlogging, one that also revealed what the ‘Pale Pale’ singer and her husband get up to on a daily basis.

Size 8_house_EDAILY
If you’re curious how the outside of the house looks like, check this pic’s background. PHOTO: EDAILY

Moments later in the clip, Size 8 couldn’t hide her excitement about their daughter Ladasha Belle Wambui, who is too cute by the way. The small one is learning how to speak. She can be heard tatta-ing a few words here and there.

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So the mansion is located in Edenville estate which goes to show how the couple is keen as parents to give their daughter a conducive environment to grow in. Fresh air, exclusivity, space and all.

Below is the video: