You won’t believe Bahati prayer partner’s age..DAMN!

Wa! Huyu ni ancestor

Bahati and Diana Marua. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

The trend for Kenya’s gospel artiste’s nowadays is to be scandalous, and the bigger the scandal the better.

And Bahati being who is a big name in the industry, has perfected the art. He has been making headlines left, right and centre. Scandals everywhere.


He and his prayer partner (read closet bae) have been making headlines for a minute now. The beautiful lass who made the term “Prayer Partner” more popular than Bahati’s biggest hit, is one Diana Marua, and isn’t she a sight to behold.

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Let’s face it, she is a mix of beautiful and attractive, and is a video vixen and model, the latter explains her fine sense of fashion…But there’s something else, a buzz kill. She is not as young as we all thought she was.

Bahati and Diana.

According to reports, she is a whole 6 years older than Mtoto Wa Mama, who is barely 23-years-old.

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If you can recall, the 29-year-old Diana Marua played the role of Bahati’s bride in the ‘Mapenzi’ video and as they say, the rest is history.

Sadder news is that not only is she Bahati’s ancestor girlfriend, but Miss Marua is also the singer’s PR and marketing manager. It’s safe to conclude then that this is where all the publicity stunts are flowing from.

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diana marua_jcc
Who’s dating a minor?

I came across a piece in which Bahati was asked if an older woman would be a problem in his relationship and he said he wouldn’t date such. Well, we’ve been advised to never say “never” before.

“Me ni underage bado…age inamatter kwetu ghettoo…unazealeta mtu wamatha wa mtaani wamkatae wadai “buda huyu ndo atakula pesa ya mtoto wetu?”…so age inamatter” the Barua singer had said.

Love sure is blind, isn’t it?