Eric Omondi bae in nightie leaves Team Mafisi ogling [PHOTO]

Pointie tings..

Eric Omondi and Chantal in bed. PHOTO: GHAFLA

We’re picking up from where we left off, concerning Kenya’s comic Eric Omondi and his Italian girlfriend Chantal Grazioli, just because they’re so cute and we just can’t have enough of them.

A photo of the latter has taken over the internet, one that shows what Eric’s girlfriend wears to bed. And your guess is a good as mine, thirsty men and a bit of women (I believe) are wishing that they were in the YouTube star’s place, even if for a day.

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eric omondi-chantal
Eric and Chantal horse riding. PHOTO: NAIBUZZ

Their imaginations started running wild after Chantal put up a photo emerged on her social media pages, one that shows how she retires to bed – presumably on a daily basis.

Chantal is wearing a short satin night dress which she accessorises with a silver necklace and gold earrings. I would have believed it was just another casual photo of her she took before jumping in bed, were it not for a few give aways.

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Who puts on a chain, earrings and wears make up (heavy or otherwise) to bed? I have answer for you. One, unless one is the sexy lead in a romantic flick, or two, you’re intentionally posing for the cameras aka modeling.

Take your pick in Chantal’s case.

Anyways, the lass is very inviting if you know what I mean and however she retires to bed is immaterial. Eric is a such a lucky man

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Makes me wanna be a comedian when I grow up.

Enjoy the photo:

Eric Omondi_girlfriend_Chantal
Eric’s girl Chantal. PHOTO: MPASHO