Zari Hassan caught hanging with sexy gym instructor [PHOTOS]

Zari Hassan_fake photos
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As Team Masfisi is gushing all over Diamond Platnumz’ hot socialite wife Zari Hassan, their mafisilets counterparts have their eyes on her special someone, and its not the Tanzanian crooner, sadly.

The male goddess (forgive my confused description) is one heck of a piece of art, he is way hotter than magma. He is a wellness coach, a model and Zari Hassan’s gym instructor. He is known in those worlds as Tumise.

Zari Hassan_post pregnancy real

You will remember that Zari Hassan recently gave birth to a son and hit the gym like crazy. And voila!, a few moments later, she was new again, nothing about her gives away the fact that the bombshell is a mother of five.

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Well, Tumise is the guy behind all the magic spells on Zari. He is the one who has been spending time with Zari to get her hot and toned physique back.

This makes me think Zari is a closeted fisilet. Okay, that was established when he seduced our dear Bongo singer who is way younger than him.

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But helloo, why else would she shop a round for such an attractive guy for a gym instructor. Say what you want to but I know one thing, Diamond is a bit insecure right now, he would have gladly looked around for a very unattractive gym instructor for her famous wife.

Ladies, I give you Tumi:

So when it comes to Zari’s gym time, Tumise is the guy. Forget Diamond with all the six packs.

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Let’s go deeper into what his relationship with Zari entails, if you may. He dictates what Mama Tiffah eats, and what she drinks.

The two must be spending a lot of time together, that’s for a fact. And below is the results.

Okay. enough of that. Now get your mind off the gutter.

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