Between Bahati girlfriend and ‘ex’, who’s hotter? [PHOTOS]

Lucky bastard

Gospel singer Bahati. PHOTO: HEKAHEKA

Sometime last year, Kenya’s gospel sensation Bahati revealed to the world that he had a crush on Tanzania’s moto-kuliko-pasi model and actress Elizabeth Michael, she’s better known to many as Lulu.

Fans were filled with hope that Mtoto wa mama had outgrown the moniker and some, on the two’s behalf, started browsing through bridal magazines for wedding tips.

Bahati and his ‘prayer partner’.

The ceremony was going to be the year’s biggest, celebs from both Tanzania and here would converge at a secret location where Baha and Lulu would recite their vows and live happily ever after.

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The wedding fantasies went a step closer to reality after Lulu responded to Bahati’s public advances. I don’t quite remember what Bahati’s lines entailed or what Lulu said, but we all concluded a spark had been established.

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But hold your thoughts right there!

Then came Diana Marua. She is the lady who made Bahati change his mind about cross-border businesses in favour of a domestic one. Word started going round that the ‘Barua’ singer was now head over heels with the video vixen, she even claimed that they were inseparable “Prayer Partners” – hence the catch phrase.

Now that our past fantasies about Bahati and Lulu remain just that, fantasies, let’s hope the singer and his prayer partner will take their relationship a notch higher and give Bishop Allan Kiuna some Saturday duties of presiding over their union. That would be one hell of a praying home.

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Meanwhile, Lulu is focused with her career, she is making headlines in the fashion world where she continues to teach women how to kill using clothes as their weapons. That is if her best dressed female celebrity title is anything to go by.

As for Bahati, well, it’s my hope that he won’t regret in a few years fro passing the sexy Bongo lass.

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