Singer Akothee hints at troubled life

Baby daddies drama

Singer Akothee. PHOTO: KISSFM

Akothee is back with her rants, and the latest one just goes to prove that all that glitters isn’t gold.

On social media, where Akothee commands a sea of followers, the singer always paints a picture of a glamorous life with a hint of carefree-ness. But as it turns out, and while that could be true, it is not always the case.

Akothee and her five kids.

Just a few weeks ago, the self-proclaimed “Kenya’s richest singer” boasted, quite sensationally, how wealthy she was because of having many baby daddies.

But her latest post on Instagram shows that whatever she claims on social media, could be miles away from the truth.

In the confession, the ‘Tucheze’ singer revealed that one of her ex is a real thorn in her feet, narrating that there was a time when the guy stole his own child’s passport just to keep him locked in the country.

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She said:

“When baby daddy stole my sons passport & ran away with it to Switzerland !!! early last year , that’s when he knew that Switzerland was only 7 hours away, HE saw a black womans movie in reality , I don’t think this guy will ever try it again with a black woman , Black is power , I decided to be the most stupid idiot on this earth , I had to put fame & celebrity syndrome aside, I am a fighter , I din’t care being locked behind bars by the Swiss Police , NOW you understand why I can’t allow you see my private life , some might lose hope in life , hold it there girl , we are all struggling & hustling in different levels, I am handling all the bills of my 5 children on my own , don’t mind the posts about baby daddies sending money to me for their kids holidays , I know they follow me , & they are my fans , so it’s away of passing a polite message to them that , we single mothers miss their contribution, if wishes were horses , there won’t be a baby daddy so children can grow seing both parents , it hurts but life has to continue I (promised not to share the videos till my sons understand the meaning of life ) surely An Ex can never be your friend , I tried it for 7 years it failed lesson learnt.” [sic]

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Akothee who recently bragged how she together with her kids went on a Valentine’s holiday that was fully-sponsored by the various fathers of her kids, contradicted the story.

She revealed that it wasn’t true what she said earlier about the fathers of her children fully supporting them. That she takes care of them on her own, like any strong black woman would.

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