Papa Shirandula’s ‘Awinja’ is pregnant [PHOTO]

Actress Jackie Vike aka Awinja. PHOTO: WAZA

She is a TV star no doubt, and has been entertaining Kenyans for a loong time now, over a decade I believe, since the inception of the local sitcom Papa Shirandula.

Her real name is Jacky Vike but is popularly known as Awinja, the latter being the character Kenyans have come to fall in love with thanks to her village like tendencies (complete with a hanging petticoat).

Jacky Vike_Awinja
Jacky Vike as Awinja. PHOTO: TWITTER

Jackie has surprised her fans with the news that she is going to be a mother soon.

And what better way to announce to her fans about the pregnancy than post pictures of the same?

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Jacky hopped on the social media to let her fans know that she is expecting her first child. That means another celebrity baby is on the way. And it’s been pouring babies in cellebville lately, hasn’t it?

Makes me wonder when the ‘latest’ episodes of Papa Shirandula were filmed because the last time I watched, ‘Awinja’ was nowhere near pregnant.

awinja_jackie vike_pregnant
Awinja flaunts baby bump. PHOTO: MPASHO

The photos show the pregnancy could be in her second trimester, and yes, she tagged a man in the post if you’re wondering – a Mr Joseph Musembi and your guess is as good as mine, this could be the soon-to-be dad.

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“Just the two of us, thank you lord for this gift, i cant be grateful enough!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ #motherhoodjourneywithjackyvike”

awinja_jackie vike_pregnant
Jacky looking nothing close to Awinja. PHOTO: MPASHO

Below is a sample of how her fans reacted:

Bry Robin Wyatt: Wooow congratulation msupaa that’s a great move u’v made it over there many av not reached that point n they’re on their late 30’s most of them r media personalities n be proud of yourself because it’s evidently clear that you had unprotected sex ????????

Eva Nzilani Muisyo: Wow! Congrats Awinja, umekadibishwa kwa hii klub ya mums

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Dellilah Kimori: Congratulations girl… Saw you at Mr. Price moi Avenue… You were looking great…. Congratulations.

Milan Osseni: Amelala tupu tupu na mwanaume ????????????????????

Ryan Di Maria: Kumbe hii maneno ya cha baba na cha mama unailewa

Alequer Josie: Wow congrats dear you look gorgeous ????

Carolecandyshish Gachau: Mmmm… This is awesome…. Congratulations gal

Ivy Trixy Warida: U trying to pull a prunk on us ama? if its real, congrats

Wycliffe Otwombe: Iko ndaaaaaaani thats good

Mercy Ndung’u: So that Jose is the dad ama…