Corazon Kwamboka reveals mzungu Sponsor [PHOTOS]

Wivu galore

corazon kwamboka
Socialite Corazon Kwamboka. PHOTO: KENYAYOUTHS

Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka is back in the headlines after she went Awol sometimes back, and this time round, it is not because of her big booty.

She has shared photos of the man who warms her bed every other night -makes me wanna say ‘you freakin lucky bastard’.

Corazon Kwamboka
Caption: “Beautiful afternoon! #baecation”. VIA: INSTAGRAM

The curvaceous law-schooled socialite took to her Instagram a few days ago to flaunt his bae who is mzungu by the way, and instantly caused a stampeded on social media mostly because envious chicks had passed by to see.. and hate.

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As I type this, Ms Corazon K. and her exotic boyfriend are currently enjoying the South African sun (not sure, it could be winter there) and she has been splashing her IG timeline with a heap of photos showing the two having a good time in the country’s to die for spots.

Corazon Kwamboka_
Caption: “All I need in this world of sin; is me and my boyfriend ?”. VIA: INSTAGRAM

So as I mentioned earlier, after Corazon unveiled her not African boyfriend, the social media went crazy, some guys who were obviously green with thirty kilos of envy, called her out for dating a rich, old mzungu.

Corazon Kwamboka_1
Caption: “#baecation”. VIA: INSTAGRAM

Below is a bit of the hate by one single commenter (read hater):

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Biniamdina: “She’s only relevant in Kenya and Kenya alone! Outside of her country, nobody knows who the fvck she is! She’s just another instagram ho trying so hard to be famous! The average waitress at Hooters in California is 10 times more attractive than this ho!,”

“Jada Smith who is black and  beautiful is married to Will Smith (who happens to be my favorite actor)! The difference between Jada Smith and this @lilythegenie ho is that Jada Smith is mentally strong and independent and is proud of being BLACK!”

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“Word! Black men with white women is okay but African women with white man??? This bitch is a disgrace!”