King Kaka buys daughter a sweet ride on her 3rd birthday [PHOTO]

Bunny ride

rabbit kaka sungura
Rapper King Kaka. PHOTO: NATION

Only a few things in this world can match the joy of bringing a child into this world and watching them grow right in front of your very eyes.

That’s why rapper Rabbit aka King Kaka, was so ecstatic recently even sharing photos of his young one who had grown a year older.

King Kaka_daughter
King Kaka and his daughter. PHOTO: NIAJE

Did you know that the Swahili emcee has sired two kids with two different women? Well, now you know.. That is an admission only a handful of men would want to be associated with.

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Two years ago, the ‘Ligi Soo’ hitmaker hopped on social media to send a shout out to the two, one is songstress Chemutai Sage and the other Nana. He thanked them raising his daughters Ayanna and Gweth, respectively.

According to King Kaka, the two ladies give him “strength and belief that its possible”, adding that he has learnt a lot from them.

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Chemutai Sage
Rabbit’s baby mama singer Chemutai Sage. PHOTO: KENYANMUSIC

But even with a somehow tricky situation of having to ‘share’ their daughters’ father, the two women in Rabbit’s life are devoid of drama, you’ll never see Chemutai and Nana engaging in attacks of any kind, at least not in public.

Perhaps its because King Kaka, whose real name is Kennedy Ombima, is a master at balancing the time spent with either of the ladies or the kids.

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Case in point is when Ayanna, the bigger of the two kids and the firstborn daughter, turned three recently. ‘Kaka Sunguch’ made sure that the special didn’t slip out of his mind.

He took to Instagram to declare his unfading love for the little girl, saying he is the happiest man in the world.

Rabbit also posted a photo of the birthday gift he bought for her – a tricycle.

Kaka Sungura_Rabbit_daughter
Caption: “The Happiest Man in The World Today. Just the other day you were born, crawled, started walking , Today as you turn 3 I want you to ride but Pray to God so that when you fly I will be the 1st witness, and I mean let nothing stop you. I love you and Happy Birthday to My 1st Born Daughter Ayanna.” VIA: INSTAGRAM