Huddah Monroe has breast surgery in Beverly Hills [PHOTOS]

Costliest pair of tits

Huddah Monroe
Socialite Huddah Monroe. PHOTO: EDAILY

It is impossible to talk about socialites in the Kenyan context and fail to mention one Huddah Monroe, a fine lass giving Team Mafisi this side of the Sahara very wet nights and not because of the recent rains.

Ok, we hear you Ms. Njoroge, we know you don’t like to be referred to as a socialite but a business lady. But what option do you leave us with all that you do? It’s not rocket science, just go through your Instagram and rethink your argument.

Huddah Monroe
She loves her boxers

While the business part is very true, thanks to a her side hustle where she sells cosmetic products, it is worth remembering that the business wouldn’t exist were it not for your valuable contribution to Kenya’s high class whorism.

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Who would be buying your lipstick line and eyeshadow, let’s say if you had opened a cosmetics shop on Mama Ngina? Sorry but you and socialite are synonymous.

I you remember, sometimes back, guys made fun of Huddah with regards to her boobs or lack of them. It all begun when during her early days as a socialite, represented Kenya in the Big Brother house where she was evicted in the first week. But not before displaying her pair of bee stings to the whole world.

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She admitted then that the bust was not one of her strong points. We didn’t argue.

Then Kenyans woke up one day to a Huddah Monroe with bigger boobs and of course everyone was convinced that she had gone under the knife. Those things don’t grow overnight you know, especially if years of bang bang failed to trigger the hormones.

She came out to clear the air, revealing that she didn’t have surgery to enhance her boobs but had a liposuction done.

But this is March and earth is not on the same spacial position as it did then. It seems our dear one, following in the footsteps of her literal bigger sister, Vera Sidika, decided to go under the knife for that boob-enhancing magic. Also following Vera’s counsel, Huddah visited Beverly Hills for the procedure. It cost her a whopping $10,545. The price of a whole Subaru.

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Huddah Monroe_beverly hills receipts
Receipts from Huddah Monroe’s breast enlargement job.

Last week, Vera advised her followers on social media to head over to the headquarters of plastic surgery – Beverly Hills, and not holiday destinations like Miami and Asia where you risk dying under the hands of quacks.