Curvaceous Grace Msalame flaunts SEXY bikini body [PHOTO]

Rub your eyes

Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame. PHOTO: NEWSBEAT

There’s little doubt, if any at all, that Grace Msalame is one heck of a neck-breaker, and one of the most endowed names in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The beautiful Grace came into the limelight during the inception of the Radio Africa-owned Kiss TV and the vote was unanimous, she is a very attractive lass – and that’s why men created a commotion whenever she appeared on the screen to read entertainment news. Okay, ladies were also checking her out perhaps for a different reason.

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grace msalame
Oh Lawwd!

She has since left TV, at least she doesn’t stand in front of the camera, but has some corporate responsibilities at Bamba TV, also owned by RAG.

Grace, whose photos from her gig with Vivo Wear, which she endorsed, brought never beforeĀ  joy to the male fraternity, the girl is no doubt blessed with beauty and continues to make many men sweat even in the cold July weather.

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grace msalameJust recently, Grace Msalame decided to hop on a plane for a vacation at the Coast. Am not sure which one but the mother of two enjoyed some romance with the sun.

And what is a trip to a coastal city without a bikini pic? Well, I have a quick answer for you.. To Grace, such doesn’t exist.

The stylish Grace who is of course too aware that men ogle all over her, and is always flaunting her bod – she dressed in the appropriate attire for the occasion.

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Grace rocked a rather fetching bikini and thank God I managed to land my long hands on her the photo.

Grace Msalame_Bikini
Grace in a bikini. PHOTO: MPASHO

The photo clearly shows why Ugandans recently, and desperately so, claimed her as one of their own -she is gorgeous. Our neighbours want everything that has plenty of something, remember Migingo?