Bahati & Rayvanny – ‘Nikumbushe’ [VIDEO]

Bongo takeover


After waiting for what seemed like forever, Kenya’s gospel kid Bahati has blessed his fans with his new jam ‘Nikumbushe’, a collaboration with Tanzanian star Rayvanny.

The latter, a protege of superstar Diamond Platnumz, has been causing quite some ripples in the neighbouring country and the region as well thanks to his lovey dovey tunes.

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Bahati (l) and TZ sensation Rayvanny. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

You will remember Diamond featured him on his insanely popular song ‘Salome’, which took East Africa by storm, it’s a remake of veteran singer Saida Karoli’s ‘Maria Salome’.

Many are convinced that ‘Nikumbushe’ is Bahati’s response to his nemesis Willy Paul’s latest secular hit ‘I Do’ which features Jamaican songstress Alaine. The two always release new tracks barely weeks, sometimes days within each other.

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And just as Willy Pozze’s tune caused controversy due to its secular nature, so is Bahati’s ‘Nikumbushe’ that predictably follows in the same path. Their fans say the two are losing the plot considering they label themselves as gospel artists but are now releasing the more commercially viable ‘worldly’ tunes.

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‘Nikumbushe’ idea was born a couple weeks ago when Rayvanny visited the country for a show at a Nairobi club. Photos of the two artists were shared online sparking rumours that they were working on a collaboration. It wasn’t until a few days a go when Bahati confirmed the same.

Watch the video above.