Willy Paul attacks the gospel industry, is he done?

No surprises here..

Willy Paul_EDAILY
Gospel star Willy Paul. PHOTO: EDAILY

Since the beginning of this year, Willy Paul has been known for chucking other things more than he does hits – controversy.

Well, to be fair to him, he has also released a chart-topper. His latest is not just any track, it’s a collab with an international artist and the internet especially, is loving it.. that’s if its YouTube views are anything to go by.

Willy Paul_Alaine_Wedding
Willy Paul controversially kissing Alaine. PHOTO: TUKO

It all started when the singer, who is one of the biggest in the gospel arena right now, shared a photo on his Instagram saying it was from his wedding.

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He claimed he married Jamaican songstress Alaine creating a previously unseen buzz for an upcoming song in the country. But thanks to the stunt, ‘I Do’ has amassed over 1.7 million views on the video-sharing platform.

But no sooner did the singer released the song, than a new debate took over social media. Many of his critics wondered whether he was still a gospel artist – they poked holes at his authenticity.

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Not one to respond to naysayers at their time, Willy Paul took a tactical retreat, he said zilch about the whole debacle – that’s until today.

WIlly Poze recently took to the social media to bash his genre. He said through a statement that he is fed up with the gospel industry in the country.

“The tribalism in the so Called gospel industry is too much for me to handle…” The singer posted the short but controversial post that will sure create a storm online.

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Willy Paul_Facebook post
Willy Paul FB post

So, does it mean he is quitting the gospel industry as many speculated? Well, I’m not sure myself but it is his biggest hint yet.

While Willy Paul is lashing at the gospel game, his arch rival Bahati seems to be sitting on the fence too, he has also recently released a secular track with Bongo star Rayvanny.

Watch ‘I Do’ video below: