Questions raised as top female DJ’s baby resembles Size 8 husband

Is it a remix?

Dj Mo_Size 8
Size 8 and husband DJ Mo. PHOTO: NIAJE

Just recently, popular disc jockey, DJ Pierra Makena, who has been hiding her daughter’s face since announcing her birth, decided to end the anxiety.

It had been a whole year but during her birthday (the DJ’s) on Tuesday, April 11, the celebrated deejay showed the face of her daughter Ricco, for the first time.

Piera Makena_Daughter_MPASHO
Pierra Makena and daughter Ricco.

But without knowing, DJ Pierra had started a whole new debate on social media thanks to Kenyans who wanted to dig deeper.

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Her fans now want to know who the father of her daughter is. But Makena isn’t becoming much of a help.

As the debate rages on, everybody is throwing in a name of two guessing who the man could be, but Makena maintains her daughter’s father is a well kept secret she wasn’t willing to tell.

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pierra makena
DJ Pierra. PHOTO: Niaje

But that hasn’t stopped the flow of weird names as quite number of personalities have appeared in the guessing game and the suspect’s list is growing longer by the hour.

Some of the names that Kenyans think could be the secret dad include gospel singing star Size 8’s husband DJ Mo, Bongo hitmaker Diamond Platnumz, and City businessman turned politician Steve Mbogo.

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According to Makena, she and baby daddy broke up and even went further to hint that he doesn’t even provide for the baby.

But there’s agreement that whoever the father is, Ricco Pokot and Size 8’s Ladasha Wambui sure have a disturbing resemblance.

Check below to see if for sure the two kids could be sharing looks, and possible a dad.

Ladasha Belle_Ricco Pokot
Pierra’s daughter Ricco Pokot (left) and Ladasha Belle Wambui. PHOTO: COURTESY