Citizen TV’s Anitah Santuri flaunts baby bump, reveals mzungu lover [PHOTOS]

It's celebrity babies season

Anitah Santuri_Citizen TV
Citizen TV's Mseto EA co-host Anitah Santuri. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Kenya’s biggest stations, the RMS-owned Citizen TV and Citizen Radio, no doubt have the best talents per square metre compared to its peers.

The television station for example, which is the property of Kenyan billionaire SK Macharia, boasts of big names in the media and entertainment industries, and is the envy of its competitors such as NTV, KTN and K24 which are lagging behind in the cut throat industry.

Anitah Santuri

An obvious talent at the Royal Media Services is the almost amazing Mzazi Willy M Tuva who hosts two of Kenya’s biggest entertainment shows, Mseto EA on Citizen TV and Mambo Mseto on Radio Citizen.

The celebrated radio personality remains the top guy when it comes to nurturing budding music talents. But today’s story is not about him but his mentee Anitah Santuri with whom he co-hosts Mseto EA with.

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Born in the coastal city of Mombasa, Anitah has managed to amass an impressive number of fans in a very short time all thanks to her fluency in the Swahili language.

Her delivery style on the show always leaves viewers glued to their screens, leaving them yearning for more.

Anitah’s segment on EA Mseto involves interviewing local artists while also going deep in the streets to discuss different topics with Nairobians.

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She has however been absent from the show and it was recently revealed that it was because of her growing baby bump. Yes, the beautiful lass is expecting her first baby.

News of her pregnancy was first made public by herself through social media after she took to Instagram to post photos and thank her friends and fans for a superb baby shower they had thrown her.

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Anitah Santur
Citizen TV’s Anitah and friends during her baby shower. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Anitah, in the same breath, introduced the soon to be daddy. She showed her mzungu lover to the public for the first time in a series of photos.

Anitah Santuri
Anitah’s baby daddy. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

When not tormenting Team Mafisi on television, Anitah Santuri who is also the Founder and CEO of Pwani Celebrity Awards, is busy with her other side hustle – Ashantyz Promotions & Catering Services.