A third Jubilee Party hopeful goes missing

Don't worry though, she'll resurface soon

Margaret Wanjiru
Kalimoni MCA aspirant Margaret Wanjiru. She is said to be missing. PHOTO: COURTESY

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you just flew in from outer space, then you know the current fad of politicians mysteriously going missing before they are discovered fit as a fiddle, a day or two later in the next town.. or two.

A few days ago, Kenyans were shocked to learn about the disappearance of Jubilee hopeful for the Kabete MP seat. His going missing coincided with the same weekend Jesus disappeared from his tomb, two thousand years earlier.

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Charles Chege Fresh_Kabete
Kabete parliamentary aspirant Charles Chege ‘Fresh’ who allegedly kidnapped himself on Friday. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

The rookie politician known as Chege ‘Fresh’, who was allegedly kidnapped (Kenyans think this narrative is highly doubtful) on Friday, April 21, was however found alive in Narok town two days later.

According to residents of Kabete who spoke to journalists just moments after Chege was found by passersby more than 100 kilometres away, the politician faked his own abduction hopping to get sympathy votes even as police cautioned against speculations.

And just before Kenyans sighed following Chege’s story, another Jubilee aspirant who is vying for an MCA seat in the same Kiambu county, went missing and his car was found with bullet holes and ransacked. His personal effects including two mobile phones and a wad of cash were found intact inside the Toyota saloon.

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Now, it is being reported that Margaret Wanjiru Kibe, an MCA aspirant for Kalimoni Ward also on a Jubilee ticket, has gone missing.

According to a Facebook post made by a social media user, the female Jubilee politician left her house on Monday, April 17 at around 2.00 pm and has not been seen since.

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Margaret Wanjiru
County Rep hopeful Margaret Wanjiru Kibe. PHOTO: COURTESY

Ndung’u Nyoro went on to reveal how Margaret’s family has been struggling to find her but their efforts have proved futile. He pleaded with the public to help the family find their daughter.

In these high stakes elections, Kenyans are being treated to all manner of trickery as attention-seeking politicians pull unprecedented stunts including kidnapping themselves.