Lillian Muli takes off gloves, goes hard on female haters

Of jealous heifers

lilian muli
Citizen TV's Lilian Muli. PHOTO: ANGELLYICS

There is this famous adage that goes, ‘Women are their own worst enemies’. I’ve  always wondered whether there’s some truth in those words.

They says women are full of jealousy, envy, bitterness, just to name but a few vices. That they never want to see you get to the next level, whether in you relationships, career or otherwise. It’s like they are allergies to their fellow ladies’ prosperity.

lilian muli
Lilian Muli during a photo shoot. PHOTO: HEKAHEKA

One person who has come to prove the above to be true is Lilian Muli, the sexy and Citizen TV news anchor.

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Whereas the talk in the last decade has been about empowering women, thanks to some pro-women personalities who are doing whatever it takes to progress the cause, it is difficult to find them, the ones who are really genuine.

Instead of empowering each other, they make their business to destroy one another, a common scenario in any women’s gathering. When they’re not ridiculing female politicians who fight tooth and nail in a men-filled political space, they’re busy talking ill of their friends for marrying the wrong man.

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Simply put it, they’re busy discouraging the other from achieving their goals instead of them offering the much needed support.

According to Lilian Muli, who is without a doubt one of the biggest women achievers in the country, alpha females, citing herself, don’t run in packs. They don’t have to keep many fake friends who mean nothing in their life.

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She says she would rather ride solo than have a million fakes around her.

“I have found so much peace in riding solo some of these heifers don’t even wish you well just so you know,” the TV siren said.