Mike Sonko ex son in law on claims he clobbered Saumu

Did he stray?

saumu mbuvi-boyfriend
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko's daughter Saumu Mbuvi with ex boyfriend Ben Gatu. PHOTO: GHAFLA

These two, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s daughter and her baby daddy Ben Gatu had become darlings of many, what with how they carried themselves around and the relationship goals they set for their social media fans.

Little was known of the young lawyer before he stole the heart of one of Kenya’s most eligible daughter’s, the first born of the affluent Sonko – Saumu Mbuvi.

saumu mbuvi_boyfriend
Saumu and ex in matching tracksuits. PHOTO: TUKO

The couple literally used to post everything on social media, from their holidays and excursions to other happy moments including breaking the news of their pregnancy. But the smiles soon turned upside down and their nasty break up filled the timelines.

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When they called it quits, many didn’t believe it, especially after word started doing round that Gatu was cheating on Saumu, not just that, but he was also physically abusing her.

When Saumu left their matrimonial home (or soon to be), she was heavily pregnant with the couple’s first child. But unlike the mother of his unborn child who continued to make a presence on social media, even to the point of her baby shower, and welcoming the new born, Gatu decided to go mute.

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Ben Gatu
Ben Gatu poses outside his house. VIA: MPASHO

He chose to ignore all the accusations thrown at him, hoping that his newly-acquired identity, that of a wife batterer, would just fade away or he’d live with it if it hang around.

A few months later however, the new dad has broken his silence on the issue. He has decided to clear the air. He told a local publication that he is innocent.

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At least on one of the allegations. “I did not abuse Saumu,” he said. But was quick to add that he didn’t want to speak about his private life.

So the question is, did he cheat on Saumu?

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