Shaffie Weru adorable kids holidaying in Europe [PHOTOS]

Don't you feel like extra hard after this?

Shaffie Weru
Kiss FM radio presenter Shaffie Weru, PHOTO: KISS100

When it comes to working hard, real hard, nobody comes close to Kenya’s entertainment bad boy, Shaffie Weru.

Apart from him being one of the most popular guys on radio, thanks to co-hosting a popular morning show on Kiss FM, he is also one of the most sought personalities when it comes to emceeing.

Shaffie Weru_Son
Older photo of Shaffie and son. VIA: INSTAGRAM

And the guys income streams seem to multiply by the day and the accumulation of money is evidenced by his lifestyle which includes an appetite for fuel guzzlers. When asked whether he ever takesĀ  a breather, he once said he does, but only for the family.

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But after amassing all that wealth, what next? Well, the adage all work and no play.. also applies to yours truly, he is currently enjoying some good time in Europe with guess who? his family.

The celebrated radio host is in the company of his kids and their mother and from the photos that have been making rounds on social media, the young family is having a time of their life. Seems like it’s all fun from here.

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shaffies weru kids-europe
Shaffie’s son and daughter in Europe

So apart from living in the leafiest of suburbs and riding the latest automobiles, and owning some ridiculously expensive watches, and snickers, Shaffie also knows a thing or two about catching a plane to some exotic cities.

shaffies weru kids-europe
Shaffie’s daughter

One can never go wrong with family, as these photos show. Don’t you agree?

shaffies weru kids-europe
Shaffie’s son snacking away
shaffies weru kids-europe
Some bed time..