Kenyans mercilessly troll Moha Jicho Pevu after loss

Exposé victims hit back

mohammed ali
Nyali parliamentary aspirant Mohammed Ali. PHOTO: NEWSDAYKENYA

Former Investigative journalist Mohammed Ali who ditched television for politics was treated to a rude loss on his first attempt to capture a political seat during the Saturday, April 22, ODM nominations in Mombasa county.

The scribe-turned-politician blamed his loss on Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, after Said Abdalla Saido floored him in the Nyali parliamentary loss.

Mohammed Ali_Raila
Raila introduces Moha Jicho Pevu to the crowd in Mathare on March 24. PHOTO: TUKO

Ali who became a national sensation thanks to his spellbinding investigative series Jicho Pevu, took to his Facebook page to air his frustrations, he claimed he was locked out of the polling station and was not allowed to vote on time yet his opponent was allowed to vote as early as 7 am.

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“I have been locked out. I can’t vote, my people were not allowed to vote on time while Ali Hassan Joho’s brother was allowed to run away with 5 polling stations as early as 7am,” Ali said.

But Kenyans on Twitter had a different idea, they streamed to their favourite social media platform to bash ‘Jicho Pevu’ saying he was getting a taste of his own medicine for exposing the “untouchables” on his shows.

Ali once aired an episode entitled ‘Paruwanja La Mihadarati’, where he exposed Governor Joho and the Akasha brothers whom he linked to the drug menace at the Coast in the four-part series.

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Below is a few of the comments:

Lord Abraham Mutai: Mohammed Jicho Pevu once exposed Joho and the Akasha brothers in what he called, Peruwanja LA Mihadarati, now he just met them face to face.

Edgar Kimutai: Jicho Pevu deserves it, he has been doing the dirty work for ODM, tarnishing and throwing tantrums at the government, now let the Karma work.

Rhys: ‏Jicho pevu forever whining. Always crying foul.

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Ochieng Thomas‏: It seems it’s a crime to be a relative of Joho,it’s also a crime to vie against Jicho Pevu guy.

Sinpare Leopard: The Jicho Pevu bickering parrot must be told in no uncertain terms politics is a game of thugarism.

Chiponda Mwagonga: Moha made a name as journalist & Jicho Pevu became a brand but that is totally different from politics,accept & move on bro.

Hon Lee Makwiny ™: It’s now apparent twitter and Facebook don’t vote. Real people Mashinani vote. Jicho Pevu, Sifuna, Kibagendi et. Be wise.