Heavily pregnant Awinja on why she’s worried sick

Seeks solace in God

Papa Shirandula's Jacky Vike aka Awinja. PHOTO: GHAFLA

Isn’t being pregnant a beautiful thing, and a beautiful feeling for both the soon-to-be mom carrying a life inside her and her partner? There’s no doubt it is..

And just like any new mom, a celebrated local actress cum radio presenter has found herself feeling great joy but which is mixed with anxiety at the same time.

Pregnant Awinja. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Jacky Vike (her real name), whose acting on the popular Citizen TV sitcom Papa Shirandula has made her a household name in the country, and whose creativity and fresh jokes leave fans yearning for more, will be welcome her bundle of joy very soon. But she says she is disturbed.

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Awinja told her fans that despite the fact that she is happy, for obvious reasons, she is worried of the uncertainties that come with the progression of her pregnancy. She says she is excited and nervous at the same time.

Apart from acting, Awinja also doubles up as a radio presenter on Qwetu FM and rumour has it that she is dating a rich Kenyan who likes to keep it on the down low.

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The funny girl continues to cement her name in the cutthroat showbiz industry and her legion of fans continues to grow by the day across the region.

“I don’t know whats ahead of me in this pregnancy journey, sometimes I am nervous, excited etc. But all I always do is pray and ask God for his guidance. And through that, I find peace every single day,” she posted.

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