Jaguar fiercely attacks Prezzo, calls him a socialite

The two have revived a long time beef

Kenyan musician Jaguar. He has asked his nemesis Prezzo to man up and stop being a socialite. PHOTO: MWAKILISHI

It seems like the beef between Jaguar and Prezzo won’t be coming to an end any time soon. The two artists are sworn enemies, at least that is what their two sets of fans know. They  cannot see eye to eye and have never shied away from throwing insults at each other every time they get the opportunity to do so in public.

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It will be remembered that earlier this year Prezzo misbehaved on live television during an interview with Betty Kyallo and his nemesis Jaguar wasn’t left behind, he jumped on the bandwagon hurling criticism at the controversial rapper for his brat-like behavior.

But as expected, Prezzo is not the one to take criticism sitting down, he lashed out at Jaguar telling him, he “doesn’t know how to speak the queen’s language” and that he was offering to sponsor his English classes at one of the most prestigious schools around.

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But as Mpasho notes, the crooner kept mum on the issue, until yesterday, May 6 when he finally threw shade at the self proclaimed king of bling. The Kipepeo singer referred to Prezzo as a male version of singer Akothee, another controversial artist.

Jaguar went on to tell Prezzo to stop behaving like a socialite and be a man.

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Prezzo has been making headlines of late and it is being interpreted by pundits as his strategy to remain relevant in the cut throat industry.

Via Mpasho