Janet Mbugua spotted in ODM zone after quitting TV [PHOTO]

For a good cause

Janet Mbugua
Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

If you’re like me, then you must be suffering from a hangover of Janet Mbugua after having left, and surprisingly so, the television world.

I miss the Hussein Mohamed and Janet pair. It made the 9 o’clock news bulletin so worth waiting for.

Janet Mbugua

Since leaving Citizen TV for an unconfirmed new venture, Janet has been keeping her fans updated on social media about what she has been up to. She also pens posts on her blog regularly, which is a good thing for her sea of fans.

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She also seems liberated, she’s been showing a freer spirit. It’s like TV had somehow caged her. Janet Mbugua’s articles on her blog are also becoming deeper and accompanying photos are now more seductive than they have ever been.

And thanks to her being a new parent, the beautiful ex newscaster continues to inspire mothers all over the country to tell their story via a mothers’ club.

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Janet, and I’m sure you have seen her in a certain soap commercial which she is its brand ambassador, really is enjoying life as a free soul, if the pictures she posts on social media nowadays, is anything to go by.

The mother of one (her son Huru is a year old) is moving around the country to join other women and share the joy that comes with motherhood.

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Just recently, Janet took her cause to Migori county, where she received a warm reception by women, whom she gave tips on how to improve sanitation in order to keep their children healthy.

Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua in Migori. VIA: INSTAGRAM

“You will never solve poverty without solving water”. She captioned the above photo.