Jalang’o accused of stealing from a young girl

David vs Goliath

Radio personality Jalang'o. PHOTO: NEWSBEAT

Celebrated radio personality and comedian Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o has found himself on the receiving end thanks to a huge scandal that came out of the blue.

It all has to do with Wendy Waeni, you know that cute little acrobat girl, the one who stole many people’s hearts including President Uhuru Kenyatta’s and his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame’s?

Wendy Waeni
Wendy Waeni the acrobat. /INSTAGRAM

Well, the little girl, via Social media on Saturday, May 13 2017, attacked Jalas, leveling serious accusations against the new Hot 96 breakfast show co-host.

It all started when gospel singer Rufftone, who just like hoards of other local celebrities was irked by Eddy Kenzo’s recent appointment by the Kenyan Tourism Board.

Waeni didn’t agree by the singer’s take on the issue.

The little girls said on social media that there was nothing wrong with Eddy Kenzo’s appointment, noting that Rufftone should be the last one to comment considering he was once appointed By Koreans as an ambassador.

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It was at this point that Jalang’o jumped in the conversation and that is when all hell broke loose. The comedian then questioned the real handlers of Waeni’s Instagram account -considering she’s just 11.

Waeni lashed out at jalang’o exposing him as a con who ran away with her KSh4500, money she was allegedly supposed to be paid after appearing on Jalang’o’s show Jalang’o With The Money which used to air on KTN.

‘Waeni’ followed with more Instagram posts telling Jalang’o to pay up the debt.

Being more ‘professional’, Jalang’o quickly pulled down his comments from Waeni’s post but it was too late, internet cheetahs had already taken screenshots.

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Jalango_Wendy Waeni
The comments

Jalang’o through his Instagram account, tried to clear the air by distancing himself from the accusations.

Wendy Waeni_Jalango
Wendy Waeni with Jalang’o whwn she appeared on his show. /INSTAGRAM

“Rarely do i do this but iam forced to….This is a brilliant young girl with a great future ..her name is @wendywaeni and i think she is 11. On my show Jalango with the money i had a segment called Next on stage…this was a platform to showcase your talent…after hosting her on Radio through his manager they requested that i host them on the show…Which i did…just like i hosted over 100 other celebrities…Sad that today when i asked and commented on her opinion about Eddy kenzo being the ambassador of KTB she got irked and said that i ran away with her money 4500 ? I was like really 4500 for what? Did we agree on a pay for appearing on a show you begged to be in? Did we even call you for the show? And why 4500? Was there such agreement? 1. I know its not her that run her account but the manager 2. You have a great future @wendywaeni…dont allow yourself to go this direction of abuse 3. You may want more doors opened for you…dont close the few 4. You are 11 years ..as you climb up dont break the ladder you might need it on your way up. 5. There are people we owe and those that owe us they are still our clients and we are there friends. 6.God bless you in your career and may your dreams come true.” Jalas said, accompanying the above photo.