Maisha ngumu kitu gani? Larry Madowo really does live large [PHOTOS]

His travels can rival Vasco da Gama's

Larry Madowo_INSTAGRAM
NTV anchorman Larry Madowo: PHOTO: NAIROBINEWS

Once a struggling needle-thin college dropout, Larry Madowo has beaten the odds to become a decorated newsanchor, and the NTV journalist continues to tower above his peers.

There’s little doubt that Larry Madowo is one talented guy, he can move from reading news one minute to hosting one of the most popular weekend shows in the country (read The Trend), and hosting high-end events the next, without even creating half a seam.

larry madowo_statue_fi
Larry Madowo petting a nude statue somewhere in the world. PHOTO: LARRY MADOWO/TWITTER

Larry is raising the bar for his agemates, he is young, talented, rich and a very well-travelled guy at the tender age of 29.

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But it is the latter that has made him become the envy of his peers, the guy once hopped in the studio clad in a shirt and blazer complete with a tie, clashing it with jeans and rubber shoes just so he may head straight to the airport for one of his many trips abroad.

Larry Madowo_Swiss Alps
Larry enjoying the Swiss alps. /INSTAGRAM

The Daystar University alumni (he had to go back to complete his journalism course) is the most travelled local journalist, by a mile, and has been to nearly all the exotic and magnificent cities of the world.

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His Instagram is full of photos of him grabbing bull’s testicles in the streets of New York during a weekend trip, basking in the hot Dubai beaches for a day or two to unwind or just a leisurely trip to the UK for a tech festival. Among many many others.

Larry Madowo_NY bull
Larry goofing around in Wall Street, New York

Many just can’t understand how this young anchorman that is yet to hit the big 3-O, can afford such expensive getaways.

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Larry in Zürich, Switzerland..

Well, Madowo is not like your journalist neighbour, it is said he receives a heck of a cheque from his employer Nation Media Group for his news-reading and The Trend-hosting duties.

Caption: “This is one of my favourite roofs in the whole world but now it’s even more awesome. Just another reason why I love Paris.” /INSTAGRAM

Then there’s the lucrative cooperate emceeing jobs he does on the side among other digital promotion deals.

In Frankfurt, Germany..

So as you shout at the top of your voice at political rallies about the high cost of unga, Larry Madowo is enjoying a bite of freshly baked pizza somewhere in Milan, Italy.