Meet Figa B (Jane Kanyi), the s3xy singer taking over the industry

Avril and the rest kaeni kando..

Figa B
Singer Janet Kanyi aka Figa B. /MPASHO

Ever now and then, after a tiring flow of new artistes, one suddenly pops out of nowhere and leaves an impressing first impression.

This is one of those days, thanks to a female newcomer who seeks to shoot straight to the A list. A daunting task I must point out. But hey, forgetting talent for a second, I’m going to dwell on one other thing that almost guarantees a woman attention especially in the cut throat industry that is music.

No doubt Figa B has the figure..

Gone are the days when talent and creativity which takes years to master, was the biggest requirement to make it as a serious artist. Talent is important and there’s no arguing with that. But in this age where Instagram and music videos shape the careers of artists, talent comes a distant second in the hierarchy..

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Nowadays, looks are very important if you are to capture the attention of anyone, or your music will just collect dust on YouTube. You have have seen these good looking lasses and guys that leave women weak at the knees changing the music industry. And that is not about to change.

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Figa B_3
Sisemi kitu.

There have been rumours going around that music in Kenya doesn’t pay, but forget the rumours, something good must be happening if the many artistes continuing to join the industry to try their luck is anything to go by.

Figa B
Isn’t Figa B something?

And one such is Janet Kanyi commonly referred to as Figa B. This lass is heavenly. She has the those gorgeous looks that leave many mouths agape.

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And yes, she is a good singer which is evident in her new song “Missing You” which although not great but fare, considering it’s her first mainstream release. But there’s a potential in her and once she crosses the off-key streets, she will no doubt become a great singer in the future. The video is of high quality though.

Does anyone else see her freakish resemblance to singer Marya? The younger Marya that is.. Check closely: