Photos of Kanze Dena enjoying life in Egypt

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Kanze Dena_UDAKU
Citizen TV's Kanze Dena. PHOTO: UDAKU

You all know her, unless of course Kenya isn’t your home and you’re just passing by. Her name is Kanze Dena, one of the country’s top Swahili news anchor.

And as they rightly put it, all work and no play makes the subject a dull one. And one person who has subscribed to the sentiments is the Citizen TV anchor.

Kanze Dena_Egypt
Kanze and a friend in Egypt. /INSTAGRAM

Dena is currently in the Biblical Egypt where she is attending a media training for women and is doubling the trip with a vacation.. it’s Egypt, helloo!

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Kanze Dena_Egypt_2
More Kanze..

And just like any other person that sweats hard for their cash, the damsel is really enjoying the break if the photos she has shared on social media is anything to go by.

Kanze Dena_Egypt
Is that the red sea? Is it not supposed to be reddish in colour?

Kanze Dena whose delivery of news in the Swahili tongue makes him one of the country’s top anchor, while on vacation in Egypt, visited many places and was lucky enough to enter the country’s parliament.

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Kanze Dena
Egypt’s Parliament..

Kanze was surprised by its set up and the number of women who sit there.

Kanze Dena_Egypt
Noticed the pyramids in the distance?

“The Egyptian parliament has 90 sitting women!! 20 of them independent candidates 56 affiliated to political parties, 14 nominated by the president! Siku moja!! I believe that we will believe in our women as a country and trust them with the opportunity to give leadership!!” She posted.

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It seems like Dena, a mum of one, is having some serious fan in the Northern African country and she made sure to post a ton of photos on social media, just so to keep her sea of fans updated on where she is and what she has been up to.