Ciru Muriuki flaunts boyfriend.. no, it’s not Larry Madowo [PHOTO]

Calm down guys

Ciru Muriuki
The Trend's Ciru Muriuki. /KENYATALK

Is there a moment in the Kenyan entertainment scene without drama, I highly doubt. Drama crops up even in places you least expect. Trust Kenyans to squeeze some saucy stories even out of a rock.

If you’re a fan of The Trend, then you must have noticed the chemistry between Larry Madowo and her co-host Ciru Muriuki. So from this, people have started to make very uneducated conclusions. They have ended up speculating that the two are lovers.

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Larry and Ciru on The Trend.

But I personally don’t blame the ones filling in the gaps. Larry Madowo with all his everything, except for this one incident which I think was made up, has never been spotted with a member of the opposite sex. Not even rumours have been directed at him.

Ciru Muriuki
The photo that worsened the rumours.

Then we have the sumptuous Ciru whom, fans have also not spotted with a guy..then bring in the two ‘singles’ chemistry..Boom!

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Ciru on The Trend
Who can blame guys for speculating? /NAIBUZZ

Anyhow, Muriuki has come out to her own defence, she insists she has a man and it is not Madowo, that the talented scribe is just a workmate. And to put an end to the rumour that is almost getting out of hand.. she hopped on social media and uploaded a photo of her and bae.

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Ciru Muriuki
Ciru and boyfriend..

“OK guys. Everyone chill. This here is bae..who looks NOTHING like Larry Madowo . Now can we all just calm down?” Ciru captioned the photo above.

The two journalists are employees of NMG and popular hosts of the hit NTV Friday evening show The Trend.