Ugali aroma fills town as Kenyans cook outside Uhuru’s office

Ni asanti sana..


There was drama on Thursday, May 18, after hundreds of Kenyans held celebrations outside President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office along Harambee House.

It was a culmination of ‘demonstrators’ walk in support of the President and the government for intervening in the price of unga which had shot up to KShs 150 making the commodity unreachable by many households, denying them the much loved ugali.

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Ugali celebrations
A section of Kenyans celebrating outside Harambee House. /COURTESY

The celebrating mob caused drama outside Harambee House when they lit jikos to cook ugali while others danced and sang songs of praise for Uhuru and his government.

It has been revealed that the celebrations were organised by Jubilee Party leaders in Nairobi county.

The leaders had approached the youth and women groups to appreciate the government following an onslaught by the Opposition alliance Nasa regarding the unga crisis that had gripped the country.

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This past Tuesday, May 16, the government announced the reduction of unga prices that had reached an all time high of KSh 150.

The Cabinet Secretary made the much-awaited announcement, saying the government had decided to subsidise production, setting a new price of KSh 90 per 2 kg packet of maize flour. A 1kg packet is now retailing at KSh 47.

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maize flour-subsidised
A 2 kg packet of maize flour now retail at Sh 90. /TWITTER

For months now, Kenyans have been making a lot of noise following the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities such as sugar, milk and unga which were retailing by more than 50% the norm, affecting family budgets.


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