Khaligraph Jones disses Vera Sidika fake b00bs and as$

Miss Mboch..

vera sidika
Socialite Vera Sidika. PHOTO: TRENDING

Since Khaligraph Jones appeared on a popular TV show looking a few shades lighter than his usual dark complexion, trolling has been hitting him left, ring and centre. Yes, the dude bleached his skin if you just came from under a rock.

Khali explained on NTV‘s the Trend that he had not lightened his skin but rather it was as a result of his new lifestyle. “Drinking clean water, face scrubbing and avoiding being roasted by the sun” is what he said gave his skin new life.

Khaligraph Jones_before_after
A before and after of Khaligraph Jones.

But this did not ogre well with his fans most of whom are die-hards. Others called him a “diva” with his rap rival Octopizzo saying he cannot argue with a “lightskin” after the ‘Yego’ hitmaker accused him of spreading the bleaching lies.

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Among those who took sides with Jones was socialite Vera Sidika who asked him not to give the haters any attention. But that was short-lived as the well endowed Vera took to social media to bash the rapper who is also known as Baba Yao.

She said:

“Everyone has been sending me screenshots of this boy posting a photoshopped pic claiming ‘tulitoa tint pamoja’ first things first; my dia hujatoa tint bado! Tint yako bado imeacha ma traces nyuma coz ulitoa manually badala ya automatically what kind of man bleaches??? Bleaching and skin lightening is for women. Not men. Cause it’s like make up. Men don’t apply make up. Oh plus we ain’t same bro! Skin lightening and bleaching are totally different things…stay on your lane prissss!”

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Khaligraph Jones_Vera Sidika
An old photo of Khaligraph Jones and Vera Sidika. /GHAFLA

And that post is what has landed the socialite in trouble with the Kayole born and bred emcee. It is what has sparked beef with Khaligraph Jones.

The rapper didn’t waste any time to respond to the socialite with a freestlye. He said:

“Ukimess na OG sikufichi ni drastic apologies to the fans manze mi ni sarcastic. Leta upuzi hapa nitakuingiza kwa casket with your silicon a** na matiti za plastic. Juzi ulikua mboch ukituuzia kahawa now you’re famous of the fact that umekuanga ukigawa. A lot of things these people don’t understand but rumour had it that this shaure used to be a man. Khaligraph I was blessed with friends the only thing you were blessed is breast implants…”

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Here’s the video:

King King King, # #respectheogs??? #respectthesillicon. #oppoF3 #newClassic

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