Oga Obinna: From Street kid to comedy king

Prepare to crack a rib

Oga Obinna

Today, Tuesday, May 6, comedian Oga Obinna turned 27, and has shared with his fans his journey throughout the years to the success he is currently enjoying.

You might remember Obinna from NTV‘s weekly show Offside which used to air sometimes back and also for his co-hosting duties with Antoneosoul on “Team Insomnia” radio show while both were employees of the Nation Media Group.


The two were fired by Nation after Nation FM shut down but both are now both working at K24 albeit on different TV shows. On his birthday, Oga Obinna penned a message for all the naysayers out there aka haters.

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“Those who consider me competition or and intimidation of any sort…maybe my fivehead/weave/comedy/music/smile/walkingstyle/

Voice annoys you anyhow…brace yourself i’m not about to stop.” He said

Mr. funny man went on to add that that those who are expecting for him to give up should find something better to do and stop wasting their time.

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“Nobody knows what’s best for me..only God!! For those who say I can’t.. Imma be the first. Watch me!!!!!!!” He posted.

Obinna also shared candidly about his past life, how he has came from nowhere as a street kid less than a decade ago to his name becoming a brand.

He said:

“I came to Nairobi as a street kid and 7 years later I’m still here no longer on the street and blessed than most!! I’m sometimes harder on myself but if I look back at where I’m from..I smile n think I did well,

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Happy birthday to me only God knows how long I shall live for and Imma do so to exalt him.”

Obinna is known for his trademark heavy Nigerian accent and apart from Radio, television and radio, he also doubles up as an events emcee, actor and musician. His mother is of Nigerian descent and the father is a Kenyan.