Lilian Muli displays her fundamendos in booty shorts [PHOTO]

Kula kwa macho

Lilian Muli
Citizen TV's Lilian Muli. PHOTO: COURTESY

One of Kenya’s top female newscasters, Lillian Muli, recently sent the online world stampeding on her social media pages after stepping out in a very tiny pair of shorts.

Choosing an all-white dress code, the sexy Lilian took to Instagram, one she has really become very active lately, to share of herself in the aforementioned shorts. And the Team Mafisi fraternity has not left since.

Caption: “Happiness never goes out of style.” /INSTAGRAM

The renown television host who has been making men rush home for the evening news for more than a decade now, looks pretty good in the photos I must say.

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I remember there was a time when the silver screen goddess said she was not into the glamorous and fast life normally experienced in our beautiful city of Nairobi, she told fans that she prefers driving out of the city to unwind.

Caption: “Beautiful sunny days.” /INSTAGRAM

Well, it seems this past weekend was one of those, and she headed to an undisclosed out of town location for a weekend expedition.

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Some Kenyans are however unimpressed by the buzz:

Athman Juma: Kwani ananini kikubwa?labda mwenyewe ni ovyo kitandani.

Siir Mike: Personally thats not something to disturb me..she is just a lady like anyone other lady.

Wanjiku Munuhe: So u say Kenyan disturbed by matako ya mwingine ya kunya…..????.how?……..atoke uchi,ama na suruali,we don’t care,……….sisi twaringa na akili si matako……….coz we use our brains to think,not buttocks.use UA brains well,n u will stop posting nonsense,……

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Daniel Makhanu: Those who have brains do not display their buttocks. Then what is the difference with beasts if your mind is not structured. People learn by observing and modelling others, she is a wrong model.

James Kariuki: What is special with this lady… that the other women do not have.. give us a break..lillian muli this…lillian muli that..nyenyenyenye…

  • Douglas McCarty

    These shorts are not even very short