Octopizzo has a makeover and Kenyans are lost for words [PHOTOS]


He is one of the most talked about artistes in the country right now, perhaps because of his interesting background. You’ll agree with me that it’s not everyday that a guy from Kibera rises to become one of the hottest emcees in the game.

Thanks to consistency, Octopizzo, whose name is a clever reference to his hood (mathree route) “eight” aka namba nane, made association with Kibera (Africa’s biggest slum – ok, maybe second after SA’s Soweto) cool, during a time when the place was feared for its high crime rate and other rots.

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Octopizzo. VIA MANENO254

Octo is currently riding high with his track ‘TBT’, and fans couldn’t help but notice something peculiar about him soon after letting loose the hit track. He looked different.

The rapper flew back to the country after a two week vacation sporting a new hairstyle that left tongues wagging.

Octopizzo sporting locks. VIA MPASHO

Some fans have applauded him for his new “trendy” look but others think there is nothing fancy about him at all.

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Dope or fail?

Well, whether he has upped his fashionsense with the new Kriss-Kross locks is not me to decide for I am no authority in the subject at hand. The verdict is still out there.

Below see more photos:

There’s a bit of MC Hammer here.
Octopizzo with Jeff Koinange.