Huddah Monroe finally comes clean on her affair with Diamond Platnumz

Readers are advised of profanity in the article..

Huddah Monroe

Earlier this week, the internet was abuzz with stories of Ugandan socialite Zaria Hassan cheating on his Tanzanian husband and singing superstar Diamond Platnumz.

It all started after a photo hit the web showing Zari and the cousin to her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga, having a good time in a swimming pool. Fans claimed that a reflection in the water showed the man grabbing her backside.. Turns out some people took their imaginations too far.

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Huddah Monroe_3_INSTAGRAM

Well, it seems the relationship drama surrounding Diamond and Zari somehow crossed the border to our side, forcing our very own Huddah Monroe to come clean about her relations with the Bongo star.

Huddah has previously been linked with Diamond severally, which can also be blamed on her as she helped fuel the rumours after engaging in an online altercation with Zari.

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There’s a time the beautiful socialite hit out at Zari saying Diamond is government property.

“When you think your man is yours kumbe he is ours, and I ate and dined with both of you” she posted on Instagram.

She then followed the above with even stronger missiles saying Zari’s efforts to have children with Diamond won’t get the ‘Salome’ hitmaker grounded.

Following the Zari and Diamond widely talked about drama on Monday, June 12, Huddah took to her favourite social media site to set the record straight about her previous dramas involving Diamond.

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If her post holds any water, then the whole shenanigan was totally fictitious, it was just a bluff. Huddah says she never slept with Diamond since she cares about other women, that she is a feminist.

Huddah’s Diamond post.

Do you believe Ms. Huddah?