Akothee now hits out at mzungu ex

You think exotic boyfriends are any different? You may want to rethink according to one Maddam Boss

Singer Akothee. PHOTO: KISSFM

She is the self-proclaimed “Kenya’s Richest Musician” -a text book example of you’re what you think by he way, Esther Akoth aka Akothee, continues to do what she does best, offering advice to her fans especially women.

The singer is one person who is never afraid to say what’s on her mind without sugarcoating things like her fellow celebs. She says it like it is and in the process gets herself into trouble (lot’s of it) with her fans and the non fans alike.

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Akothee. /COURTESY

She recently told her fans how one of her fossil ex lovers threw her out of his house when she was overseas. And it happened at a time when when she was heavily pregnant. And here I was thinking civilisation plays a crucial task when it comes to reasoning.

The ‘Benefactor’ hitmaker posted on social media how she feels about someone from her past that has been stalking her. And as usual, the singer did not sugarcoat anything.

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Akothee and an ex. /MPASHO

“You havent dated a white guy thats why you think they are different, ayee am so fed up with this nagging shit, yaani heri tuachane, nkt! Hawa watu sijui walijenga ndege vipi, mbona wana maswali za kitoto ? ? ? ? nifanyeje huyu mutu aniache ? Formula zangu zote zimefeli.” she said.

And there was no shortage of advice from her fans. Below is what a few thought:

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rosemunisi_official: Nipe Mimi nikae naye uendelee na mambo yako

robbert.scott: Mpe number yangu mwambie you are dating

pilesams: Put his number on your next post…. And then chill madam…..

acysoulgirl_254: You can’t call him a nag after taking all his cash madam boss. He is human and he has a heart