Did Sauti Sol’s Bien Baraza part ways with hot girlfriend? He speaks

The singer has dated fitness guru girlfriend Chiki for months

Bien Baraza_Sauti Sol
Saiti Sol's Bien Aime Baraza. PHOTO: TWITTER

He stands tallest among the four members who make Africa’s biggest boyband Sauti Sol, and apart from his height, his striking vocals make him pop out even more, making him the quartet’s lead vocalist.

Recently though, a rumour has been spreading faster than California bushfires, one that says he has broken up with his gorgeous girlfriend.

Bien Baraza_girlfriend chiki
Bien and girlfriend Chiki. PHOTO: KISS100

And that has made Bien an angry man. The news that he is no longer seeing eye to eye with fitness star Chiki, you might remember her as the dancer from Citizen TV‘s latest edition of Slimpossible

The rumour started after fans noticed the two have lately not been spotted together on social media or at events, unlike before when they were always at each other’s side.

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Then came the news of Sauti Sol’s stylist Annabel Onyango’s baby shower where Bien attended alone. That last intel was enough proof that all was not well with the couple.

So guys at Mpasho took it upon themselves to find out what was happening. They called the ‘Nishike’ singer for a comment and he said that he and Chiki were together and went ahead to rubbish the claims that they were having issues.

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They called his girlfriend Chiki first but Bien snatched the phone from her and took charge.

“We are ok, we are chill, don’t call my wife again asking her stupid questions…” shouted Bien before hanging up, the site reported.

When Bien was called directly, he reacted angrily at the rumours of their breakup. He said:

“Si nakwambia niko na dem yangu hapa na tunachill…niacheni manze… unasumbua na unanisumbua, hizo masimu mnapiga mnafanya dem yangu anajam…”

But he was not done.

“Play my new music. Stop calling me on stupid things that go on air men.” He added.

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bien baraza_girlfriend_chiki_MPASHO
Bien and Chiki exchanging Saliva. /MPASHO

It’s clear the two are still together and if at all something was amiss, then they have sorted out their differences.

“Niko na dem yangu hapa tunakula breakfast masimu zinaingia kwa nyumba yetu mpaka tunashindwa tufanye nini…na tuko tu sawa muache kututafuta manze,” an evidently irritated Bien said at some point during the phone call.

Well, two people having breakfast together at home can only mean one thing. The last time doors were opened in that house was many many hours ago. Fill in the blanks.