Raila Odinga in trouble after inciting country to violence

Jubilee wants him probed over remarks he made in Kajiado

Raila Odinga
NASA leader Raila Odinga. PHOTO: TWITTER

Jubilee Party has asked the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) chairperson Francis Kaparo to probe Opposition leader Raila Odinga over possible hate speech.

This is after the National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate toured Kajiado County on Thursday, June 15.

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju. PHOTO: POLITICS.CO.KE

Raila who is popularising his presidential bid asked area residents to protect their lands and not sell them to ‘outsiders’.

“…until now there is no land because of poverty…we want to change that so that people don’t sell their parcels.” The former Prime Minister said.

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Adding: “Keep your land with you so that you don’t cry foul later on…let the buyers remain at their places of origin.”

According to Jubilee however, the comments are nothing short of hate speech and want the sentiments by Nasa leader investigated.

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju who spoke to the media on Friday, June 16, worried that Raila’s comments are likely to spark violence.

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“We all know that it only requires a very small match to start a very large and dangerous fire. With these comments, Raila has struck that match.” He said

Tujus aid the use of irresponsible and inflammatory language will ignite tensions within local communities and can only be regarded as hate speech.

The former cabinet minister asked the commission to scrutinise Raila’s utterances with the aim of establishing whether Nasa broke the law with regards to hate speech.

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“Raila’s language must be challenged today in the most robust terms. Kenya must move forward as a united nation and not be allowed to fall back into the hands of the abyss of violence.” Tuju said.

He reckons that anyone, regardless of their position in the country, should not be allowed to incite such tensions and violence ahead of the forthcoming General Election that is less than two months away.